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Why Zoella Doesn’t Post On YouTube Anymore

Zoella’s subscribers have massively dropped, despite being one of the biggest stars on YouTube, because she doesn’t upload to YouTube anymore.

Youtube star Zoella doesn’t post on her main channel anymore and here’s why. The British YouTuber, whose real name is Zoe Sugg, rose to fame after starting a blog named Zoella and then moving across to YouTube in 2009. Her content is mainly focused on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle, and her second channel, More Zoella, was created for daily videos and vlogs. Sugg’s content was released when YouTubers tended to create more relatable content, unlike later famous YouTubers, who tend to make videos that are entertaining but unattainable to audiences, such as MrBeast’s YouTube videos.

Zoella rose to fame along with other British YouTubers, such as her brother Joe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, Jim Chapman, and Niomi Smart. They are a variety of YouTubers who formed a friend group and dominated YouTube in the 2010s, with Sugg’s channel hitting 12 million subscribers at one point. Zoella’s YouTube was the start of a much bigger company, and net worth, built with the Zoella name. Zoella’s brand of ella now extends to books (including her GirlOnline series which was the center of a lot of controversy due to the use of ghostwriters), Zoella Beauty, and homeware.


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However, it’s been quite some time since Zoella posted on her main YouTube channel. The rise of Instagram influencers saw the decline of YouTube ones and audiences that grew up watching Zoella on YouTube have most likely grown out of it too. It is possible that Sugg does n’t use her Ella Zoella channel because her audience of Ella has dissipated, however, her Ella Zoe Sugg channel has nearly five million subscribers. The truth is, she does not upload to her de ella Zoella YouTube channel anymore because the brand has become bigger than a channel.

When Did Zoella Last Upload On YouTube?

Zoella;  Zoë Sugg;  mark ferris

Despite being the start of Zoella’s now-massive brand, Zoe Sugg doesn’t post on her main channel anymore and hasn’t since 2018. Her last video was ‘Ultimate Pizza Taste Test with Mark’ which reached just under 3 million views and 86k likes, but now YouTube does not show the dislike number. There is no video on the Zoella channel, however, it seems as though ‘Zoella’ doesn’t upload anymore, but Zoe Sugg still does. Sugg’s secondary channel, More Zoella, still has regular updates but the name has been changed to Zoe Sugg.

Why Zoella Doesn’t Post On YouTube Now

Zoë Sugg;  Zoella;  Alfie Deyes

It seems her aim was to move away from her brand ‘Zoella’ and more into uploading as herself. Sugg’s Zoella blog is still very much active as well and has posts from ‘Team Zoella’ which clarifies that Zoella has become a brand and not her online persona de ella. One of the big reasons there haven’t been any uploads on Zoella is simply because she has grown up. When Sugg started Zoella, she was a teenager uploading content that other teenagers related to and enjoyed watching, this was the main use of YouTube, way before it developed to even have YouTube original shows. Also, when Zoe Sugg started her channel, YouTube was not the platform that it is today with the creator’s intention to be making money. So, as Sugg became one of the first versions of an influencer, the opportunities took her beyond YouTube.

What Zoella Has Done Since Leaving YouTube

Zoella;  Zoë Sugg;  Etsy

Now 31, Zoe Sugg has moved away from the teenage association and developed platforms for older audiences. Zoella‘s blog and Sugg’s Instagram focus still on beauty and style, but also on recipes, books, and sex and health, all for more mature audiences. Since leaving YouTube, Zoe Sugg has continued to grow her family de ella, who she often says is her biggest focus de ella. Ella’s Sugg’s secondary channel and her Instagram still give insights into her life but it is less regular and shows her life with her boyfriend Alfie Deyes and their child. Limiting her income from her to just a Youtube channel is quite restrictive, with a lot of competition from YouTube’s funny viral videos. Diversifying the brand has allowed her to reach a range of ages whilst being able to create content that fits with her own age, style, and life, this includes releasing her own homeware brand with Etsy, which was released in 2020, named Zoella x Etsy .

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