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The Best Foodie Gifts For A Dad Who Loves History

Those who love history are always trying to expand their knowledge. They may explore a new aspect of the past or learn about a tradition they had previously not known about.

But for the history lover who also appreciates the culinary aspect of those who came before us, things can get even more fun. Whether they are eager to learn the origins of classic cocktails or try a steak from one of the most legendary of steakhouses, food and history is intrinsically linked, and exploring it can be fun and delicious.

All the Restaurants Hand-Drawn Art

Perhaps there’s a classic piece of restaurant history he always gets misty eyed when he remembers, or a long-gone restaurant he wishes was still around. Restaurants are a part of history, and a person’s own memories, and these signed, limited-edition, fine-art prints of hand-drawn restaurants ($95 for 9×12 and $55 for 5×7) in New York and beyond are a marvel to behold. This artist has drawn many historic places including the Oyster Bar in Grand Central, Katz’s Deli, to Junior’s in Brooklyn, and even closed places were near and dear to many. He will also take requests for favorite places.

Peter Luger Steakhouse Premium Steaks

There’s no denying this restaurant is a pivotal part of New York history, but it’s also a historical steakhouse in any history. Treat dad to a premium steak from this steakhouse that was established in 1887 and is now selling their classic signature cuts nationwide (starting at $59.95) straight from their butcher shop.

Shiner 1909 Beer

Shiner 1909 is a new beer but one that was created to honor history. Specifically, Shiner Bock’s 112-year history. Shiner beer is brewed and bottled in Shiner, Texas at the same brewery founded in 1909 by a group of Czech and German settlers. It’s made with Heritage 2-row barley, Noble hops, and the same proprietary lager yeast and artesian well water it’s always be made of, making this beer ( 6-bottle: $8.99 or 12-bottle pack: $14.99) a great light-bodied lager but also a piece of history!

Singani 63

While filming the movie Che, Soderbergh discovered a Bolivian spirit that has a 500-year-old history and loved it. He then decided to share it with the world. Singani 63 (starts at $32.99) is made with the Muscat of Alexandria grape grown at high altitude (above 5200 ft) in the Bolivian Andes. It’s a perfect addition to the home bar of a cocktail lover who has it all – or who loves a spirit with a history all of its own.

Death & Co’s Welcome Home

Cocktails are a piece of history and some of the most classic ones have an origin story that dates back over a century. Death & Co is one of the most influential cocktail bars, and their book is a tribute to cocktail history, including signature recipes for some of the greatest ones out there. This book ($25.65) is an excellent gift for the history lover who appreciates a good cocktail, because it features a rich history of the cocktail industry and cocktails themselves.

The Monte Manhattan Cocktail Kit

Amaro Montenegro’s recipe has remained unchanged for well over 130 years, and this Italian bitter herbal liqueur created in 1885 out of Bologna, Italy is made with 40 botanicals from around the globe. This digestif is beautiful on its own but in the Monte Manhattan Cocktail Kit (starts at $69.99), it takes another part of history – the classic Manhattan – and brings it to the next level with WhistlePig 100% Rye Whiskey, aromatic bitters and brandied cherries .

Vintage Recipes: Timeless and Memorable Old-Fashioned Recipes from Our Grandmothers

How incredible would it be for them to be able to recreate recipes that have been all but lost to history? This book ($10.99) goes into vintage recipes dating back to the 1920’s. Some will sound familiar, but some will sound entirely new. It’ll be a form of historical exploration, otherwise known as a really exciting dinner party.

Nelson’s Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey

This Nashville-based whiskey brand from brothers Charlie & Andy Nelson has some serious history behind it – family history, that is. It was inspired by their great-great-great grandfather Charles Nelson, who was the founder of Tennessee’s largest pre-Prohibition distillery! This distillery produced the original Tennessee Whiskey back in 1860. Nelson’s Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey ($37.99) is made using the same recipe as Charles Nelson, making it an undeniable piece of history.

Talia di Napoli The Taste of Talia

For the Italophile dad who can’t stop talking about his childhood trip to Naples. He religiously watches Stanley Tucci’s Taste of Italy show and is always comparing local pizza spots to the real deal. Talia di Napoli’s cryogenically frozen pizzas are sourced locally in Italy and will make him feel like his gone back in time to that trip he will never forget. The Taste of Talia ($117 for 8 pizzas) sampler is perfect for the next family pizza night.



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