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Strawberry recipes for cake, jam and more heading into summer

This June marks the end of my fifth year writing this column. Time sure flew by — 131 columns and well over 400 recipes made.

Seeing bright red, sweet and luscious berries on sale last week made me wonder if it was time to cook some strawberries for the penultimate column of year 5.

Looking through previous columns I was surprised to find, given how much I love strawberries, that I’ve only devoted one to this delectable fruit, the savory strawberry column from June 3, 2020, partnered strawberries with avocado, salmon, focaccia and pork ribs , exploring “the not so sweet side of the genus Fragaria.” Other than that, I’d only presented five other recipes containing fresh strawberries over the years: one drink, one soup, one cookie, and two tarts (one sweet and one savory).

Surely there was something missing here, and it’s time to give the sweet side some attention. Perhaps because strawberries are so good fresh out of the container, mixed with yogurt or ice cream, sliced ​​on on top of cereal or granola, nestled into a salad or crude plate, slathered with clotted cream at the Wimbledon Tennis Club or simply lightly rinsed and popped directly into your mouth, I just hadn’t gotten around to doing more with them. It was definitely time to explore some cookbooks, food magazines and blogs to give the berry its due.

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