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Strawberries offer many healing properties.

My memory of strawberries goes all the way back to childhood and my mother’s little patch that could. My opinion of them has evolved over time, maturing along with me.

When I was young, my elder sisters used to tease me out of my portion of strawberries by convincing me all the seeds would sprout into plants in my belly if I swallowed any of them. After attempting to remove them, to no avail, I pushed the dish of berries their way.

When Mom tried to get me to eat the preserves she had made, I’m sure I shivered in fright! Little did she know my fear was rooted in those scary sprouting-seed stories my sisters had “planted” in me. I figure she must have guessed something was up when I suddenly requested that she peel my strawberries, so all the seeds were removed!

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