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Roam the globe with these fried rice favorites

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Whether you’re a wok master after new ideas or looking to whip up a quick dinner, these recipes have you covered.

Egg fried rice

“This basic fried rice is a good choice for your first attempt at wok-frying. No meat or delicate vegetables to worry about – just a simple dish that will work well with good wok technique,” says Adam Liaw of his version of this Chinese fried rice staple, which includes some great tips for mastering fried rice, and a ‘How to cook fried rice’ video.

Kimchi and garlic butter fried rice

Another great recipe from Adam Liaw, this full-of-flavor Korean fried rice features in season 2 of Cook Up. With cold cooked sushi rice, kimchi and gochujang (Korean fermented chilli paste), this rice for two is ready in just 15 minutes.

Mum’s Malaysian Fried Rice

This recipe, feature in Asia Unplatedwas given to Jacob Leung by his mother, who adds curry leaves, kecap manis and fried garlic for a distinctly Malay touch.

Filipino garlic fried rice with bacon and egg

“This is the best way to use left-over steamed rice. My mum used to cook this with leftovers when I was a kid and I remember my grandma rolling it into little balls for me,” says Kylie Javier Ashton.

Nigerian fried rice

Green beans, carrot, chicken liver and curry powder come together in this recipe by Funmi Komolafe, from the Feast magazine archives.

Mutton fried rice

“The cooks… have two of the biggest woks I think I’ve seen in my life and in them they sear the mutton – kilos upon kilos of it. Next, in goes the rice with all the lovely spices, plus heaps of sweet, sticky kecap manis. It is then stir-fried with a massive shovel – such a joy to watch,” says Luke Nguyen of the visit to a famous nasi goreng seller in Jakarta for Luke Nguyen’s Street Food Asia that inspired his recipe for Indonesian mutton fried rice (nasi goreng kambing).

Thai stir-fried rice (khao kuk grapi)

This deconstructed fried rice from Amy Chanta is presented with all its elements separated so you can combine each mouthful to your taste, combining just enough heat and freshness to the sticky caramelised pork belly.

Spinach and dill fried rice

This fried version of Greek spanakorizo ​​is absolutely delicious, and very simple to make.

Wholegrain fried rice with corn

Here’s an Australian take on the classic. Use a mixture of cooked grains (such as pearled barley, brown rice and wild rice) to add chewy texture to this easy meal.

Prawn and corn fried rice

“A pretty simple combo that just works to bring to life a tasty fried rice that’s done in one pan and ready in a flash,” says Adam Liaw of this chunky bowl made using cooked and chilled jasmine rice and big meaty prawns.

Crab fried rice (khao pad pu)

“The rich, tender meat of the crab makes khao pad pu a special dish, but it is really very simple to cook at home and makes for a delicious lunch or dinner for any occasion,” say Sareen Rojanametin and Jean Thamthanakorn of this recipe, shared in their book Bangkok Home.

Pork fried rice (com chien)

Tai Nguyen’s Vietnamese pork fried rice, which makes enough to feed 8, is designed to be part of a banquet or shared meal.

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