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Picky Eating Can Be Helped

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to have dinner at a restaurant with two teens who self-describe themselves as “picky eaters.”

One of them was my child.

We decided to go to a restaurant with rotisserie chicken and potatoes. They both like these foods.

Green beans and salads appeared on the menu but not on their plates.

However, they enjoyed their potatoes, which provide potassium, vitamin C and fiber. In fact, all vegetables are excellent sources of many vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Two of my three children have been “discriminating” eaters. My son grew out of the tendency and now is an adventurous eater who likes to prepare foods.

My third child has always enjoyed gardening and preparing foods. She will eat almost anything, except cilantro. It tastes like soap to her. That sensation is linked to genetics.

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