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PETA Latino Names Top Vegan ‘Desserts’

Published by Rebecca Maness.

shells, tres leches, cupcakes—these traditional treats and more are all being made with animal-friendly ingredients by Latine chefs and bakers across the country. PETA Latino has gathered this list of some of the best desserts (“desserts”) from restaurants that celebrate Latin culture. From Mexican to Cuban and Puerto Rican cuisines, all your favorite offerings can be made without harming animals.

I’m Concha Bakery (Santa Ana, Calif.)

Previously known as Vegan by Victoria’s, Soy Concha Bakery is a Latin-owned vegan bakery specializing in sweet bread, cakes, Mexican treats, and more. Siblings Earvin and Kathy Lopez started the bakery to provide their community with affordable and delicious vegan options while maintaining their cultural traditions, “one concha at a time!”

Phatties (Hidden, Calif.)

This establishment has been serving classic Mexican dishes vegan-style since 2017. No meal here is complete without one of its indulgent desserts, such as fried plantains, cheesecake, flan, and this rice puddingall made with animal-friendly ingredients like coconut condensed milk and almond milk:

By choosing these nondairy-milk products instead of cow’s milk, Phatties is helping keep mother cows with their babies—and serving delicious food at the same time!

Toluca Bakery and Cafe (Toluca Lake, Calif.)

Family-owned and -operated Toluca Bakery and Cafe serves a wide variety of vegan baked goods, including authentic Latin favorites like conchas, rolland these sweet Empanadas of guava (guava-filled pockets of goodness):

YUMZ Vegan Bakery & Cafe (Salt Lake City)

Chef and owner Cecilia Armenta started YUMZ with the goal of fusing the cuisine of her Puerto Rican culture with animal-friendly fare. At YUMZ, you can find various dishes inspired by Mexican and Caribbean flavors, including tres leches cakes, horchata, shells, and more. We can’t get enough of the coquitoa coconut-based drink sometimes referred to as “Puerto Rican eggnog.”

Bombon Bar (Philadelphia)

vegan taqueria and bar owned by Nicole Marquis of the vegan chain HipCityVeg brings Puerto Rican flavors to Philly’s vegan scene. After your meal of tacos, empanadas, queso dip, and more, why not try a sweet treat of chocolate cupcakes or this decadent tres leches cake topped with toasted coconut?

Wild Rabbit (Tempe, Ariz.)

The Wild Rabbit is a woman-owned bakery specializing in vegan donuts, cakes, and other baked goods, including its Vegansitos, a dairy- and egg-free version of the crème-filled and chocolate-coated Mexican snack cakes called Gansitos. You can find these treats and more at The Wild Rabbit’s daily pop-up at the Tempe Farmers Market or in coffee shops across the Phoenix area.

Vegan Cuban Cuisine (Miami)

Vegan Cuban Cuisine was created with the mission of making traditional Cuban food healthier and better for animals and the planet. Its menu features many classic Cuban dishes made without ingredients that harm animals—that means jackfruit pulled “pork” and Cuban torrejas (French toast) made without chicken’s eggs. This indulgent breakfast item is served with fresh berries and topped with powdered sugar. 🤤

senorita (The Angels)

Chef Evanice Holz created this vegan Cuban catering company by adapting her family’s heritage recipes with animals in mind. Señoreata serves the Los Angeles and High Desert communities, with weekly food pickups available in Silver Lake and Yucca Valley and a Sunday pop-up location at Smorgasburg in Los Angeles. Its Guava Cheese Pastelitos are a popular offering—a delicious, flaky pastry filled with guava and vegan cheese.


These eateries are just a few of the ones that are making traditional Latine dishes with a vegan twist. Check out our list of vegan restaurants in Mexico for more inspiration:

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