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New looks give Mr. Pizza North different flavor after renovations and reopening – Post Bulletin

ROCHESTER — After being closed for 37 days, Mr. Pizza North reopened on Thursday, May 26, 2022, under new ownership with a new interior look for dine-in customers. The Fulton Family, who had owned Mr. Pizza North since its opening in 1963, sold the historic pizza joint to Championship Dining back in March 2020.

As the new owners of Mr. Pizza, Championship Dining saw an opportunity to update the dining room for a modern look while still keeping the feeling of the old look. Steph Crowson, general manager of Mr. Pizza North explained.

“We just wanted to liven it up and give it a cool fun vibe but still have it as North Mr. Pizza. We just needed a facelift as what we’re calling it to be a place that you want to go to if you’re thinking about going to have pizza with your family. We knew that we needed to keep some of the old vibe but we needed to also change things to reach out to the younger crowd that doesn’t think to come here,” said Crowson.

A major part of the renovations was removing walls in the center of the dining room floor to provide more open spacing for seating and employee maneuverability. The bar was also moved and expanded upon from where it previously was located in the restaurant. Instead of being behind the host stand for takeout orders, it is now shifted to the back of the main dining room.

With the interior design of Mr. Pizza North having a different appearance, the employees and menu items found at Mr. Pizza North have remained the same. Most notable is the pastries and desserts having the same tastes as before while being made by a new pastry chef.

Heather Fulton had previously been the pastry chef for Mr. Pizza North for decades but stepped away from the role once ownership changed. Before she left completely, Fulton trained Kara Mischke to become the new pastry chef to know how to keep the same flavor of people’s favorite dessert items at Mr. Pizza North.

“Kara trained underneath Heather for six weeks before Heather left. She taught Kara all of her recipes from her and handed that down to her. It’s great to keep that legacy going with the restaurant with our dessert items,” said Crowson.

When it comes to changes on the menu at Mr. Pizza North, very little has changed. As food items have remained the same, the only thing has expanded is the drink menu, specifically the beers in bottles and on tap. Evan Houghton, front of the house manager for Mr. Pizza North, spoke about the plan to pair the right beers with the right pizza’s as menu recommendations for customers dining in.

“It’s all about the flavor in the beer. For example, pineapple or Hawaiian pizza would go great with the IPAs. We’re working on partnering pizzas with beers that are more local, and I’m trying to help train the servers to have that knowledge of the different local beers,” said Houghton.

The daily slice and tap menu at Mr. Pizza North shows what customers can get on any given day on June 6, 2022.

Theodore Tollefson / Post Bulletin

Houghton said what they are most optimistic about with the new changes and renovations to Mr. Pizza North is a chance for a fresh start.

“In all honesty, it’s the fresh start on everything,” Houghton said. “It’s a fresh start to the new look. We’re going back to the basics. It’s all about the customer’s experience and bringing them a positive experience throughout. Now we’re starting fresh, new staff are coming on board and a lot of people are excited.”

Mr. Pizza North is open from 11 am to 8 pm Monday through Saturday and noon to 8 pm Sundays. Daily slices are also still available from 11 am to 1:30 pm Monday through Saturday.


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