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National Fajita Day 2022: History, Significance and Celebrations

Fajita, it is finally time to celebrate this delicious dish with a fiesta of flavor coming from the Southwest. This Tex-Mex cuisine has taken the whole country by storm through its rich taste.

The United States celebrates its National Fajita Day annually on the 18th of August. And as you can guess by name only that it is a day dedicated to this tasty Tex-Mex cuisine.

But, what is Fajitas?

Fajita is any stripped grilled meat with stripped peppers and onions usually served on a flour or corn tortilla.

Event National Fajita Day
Date August 18, 2022
day thursday
Significance Celebrates the tasty Fajita
Observed by United States


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National Fajita Day History:

The origins of Fajita in the country can be traced back to the 1930s when some Mexican ranch workers in Texas developed the Fajita dish from throwaway cuts of beef as a part of payment for their job.

They cooked the steak over an open fire or grill and they served them with flour or tortillas, pico de gallo, guacamole and other spices. And soon this meal became so popular among the workers that eventually it became a staple because of its convenience and cheap.

However it wasn’t until the 1960s that Fajitas became available commercially to all the people and eventually became a very popular dish. As it was at this time when Sonny Falcon made the first recorded Fajita sales from his concession booth in Kyle, Texas.

For the first time ‘fajita’ word was added into the Oxford English Dictionary in 1971. And this dish became a huge success in the states when Chef George Weidmann from the Hyatt Regency in Austin put sizzling fajitas on its menus.

National Fajita Day was itself coined by the restaurant chain called On the Border.

National Fajita Day Significance:

It is very hard to believe that the fajitas which we very much loves isn’t that old if we think about it as they only started to become popular by the 1970s in the country although in Mexico it has been an important part of their cuisine from much older and in Mexico it is called as “Arracheras”.

Now it is one of the most popular dish in the country and it is very important part of representation of the Mexican and Tex-Mex culture as well so if you really love Mexican food then these fajitas are a blessing for you and even if you are a food lover then it is a day of treat for you.

Fajita is derived from the Spanish where fajita is a diminutive for “faja” which translates to belt or girdle.

Along with all the heritage that it carries that it is one of the most important food item of Mexican cuisine and to the fact that it is a dish which is affordable by everyone as it created by the workers, it is a very tasty food dish as well and thus it must be enjoyed and encouraged to eat on this day.


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National Fajita Day Celebrations:

On the special day of the National Fajita Day make restaurants and food chains across the country offer many hot deals regarding Fajita dishes. So before having a bite of this tasty fajitas on this day to celebrate it make sure that you have checked the best deal first.

And unlike others don’t just get stick to your fajitas as you know fajitas is a very versatile dish and that’s why have many varieties of it like chicken fajita sliders, vegan sweet potato fajita, shrimp fajita, fajita stuffed bell peppers and along with these there are many varieties of it so do try to taste most of them on this day.

Otherwise if you like challenges to do then we are suggesting you a challenge to do on this day, don’t worry it is not that of a big deal as we are asking you to cook yourself a fajita with your own flavor to it, I mean it can be risky bit there are many fajita recipes available in the internet which are very easy too and if you already like cooking then it will be much easier for you.

Most Searched FAQs on National Fajita Day:

1. When is National Fajita Day celebrated?

National Fajita Day is celebrated annually on 4th August in the US.

2. Which restaurants offer Fajita Day specials?

Everything from big chains like Chili’s and On the Border to small restaurants also offers special deals on this day.

3. Which restaurant chain created the National Fajita Day?

National Fajita Day was created by On the Border.


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