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Monroe County business feature: Cakes by Stephanie

For nearly 20 years, Stephanie Morgan has enjoyed the sweet success of owning her own business.

The wife and mother of three owns and operates Cakes by Stephanie, located at 118 N. Monroe St., a bakery specializing in custom cakes and desserts, ready-made pastries, cookies, and cheesecakes.

Before starting a family, the 53-year-old baker dabbled in tole painting. She’d paint and market her creations by her at different art shows in Michigan and Ohio.

“When I started having kids, I knew I still needed to work and I baked a lot,” Morgan said. “People liked my cookies and baking kept me home on the weekends. So, I started baking at home and taking orders. Before I knew it, I was getting some big accounts and I realized I needed a bigger space so I started looking for a different location.”

With the help of family, Stephanie Morgan, owner of Cakes by Stephanie, runs a thriving bakery at 118 N. Monroe St. Pictured is Cayleigh MacDonald, left, Alex Morgan, Tom Morgan, Stephanie Morgan, Sydni and Brandon Adler, Nicholas Morgan, and Isabella Stahl.

In less than a year, the self-taught baker was looking for a building and said it was her recipe for a chocolate Ho Ho Cake that initiated the business.

“All of my recipes are family recipes where I’ve added my own flair. I based the Ho Ho Cake off a family recipe and that’s the cake I started the whole business on,” she said. “When I was baking in my home, I started with that and I always say that’s the cake that launched it.”

Morgan’s signature Ho Ho Cake, a dark chocolate fudge cake with a cream filling covered in chocolate ganache, continues to be a top customer favorite along with her freshly baked cookies and Chantilly Cake, a white cake with a Mascarpone filling, frosting and fresh berries.

Stephanie Morgan, owner of Cakes by Stephanie, right, and her daughter Sydni Adler, head cake decorator, are always creating and adding new items for the dessert shop.  Above, Sydni puts the finishing touches on an 8-inch cherry chip cake.

Morgan and her daughter Sydni, head cake decorator, are always creating and adding new items to the menu like Ho Ho explosion cookies, a chewy chocolate cookie topped with cream and homemade ganache. Confections are posted on the bakery’s Facebook page.

Morgan admits it’s difficult to pinpoint the busiest time of year for the bakery.

“We’re so blessed,” she said. “May and June have been busy months for us but we’re busy all of the time, especially during the holiday season.”

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