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From Kharwas To Naap Nang, These Lesser-Known Desserts Of India


Kharwas is an Indian pudding made from the milk of cow or buffalo colostrum which is the first form of milk produced by the cow or buffalo within a day or two of giving birth. Originated from Maharashtra, this sweet is also known as Posa and Ginnu. Its appearance is like Paneer but is much softer. Steam-cooked Kharwas melts in just one bite and is also nutritious.

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Parwal Mithai

This unique green-colored sweet is made up of Parwal or Pointed Gourd stuffed up with sweetened Khoya. Parwal Mithai is a much loved and served sweet in Bihar and often made during festivals.

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Mewa Bati

Mewa Bati is a Rajasthan-based dish much similar to Gulab Jamun. Mewa Bati is made by stuffing mawa dough with a mixture of mawa and nuts making it richer. After deep frying, these Mewa Batis are soaked into the sugar syrup and served.

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chena pruning

Chena Poda is a typical cheese dessert originating from Odisha. Also known as Indian Cheesecake, this sweet is a much-celebrated dish during festivals and happy occasions. In this, homemade cottage cheese is kneaded with nuts and sugar and then slowly baked until it gets deep brown in colour. Chena Poda is a heaven for sweet lovers because of its caramelized sugar and cheese combination.

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Raskadam or Roshkodam

One layer of Bengali sweet is enough to make go to foodie heaven but this Bengali sweet dish has two layers in it. Raskadam or Roshkodam is a two-layered Bengali sweet in which the outer layer is made up of crumbly khoya and the inner layer is of sweet Rasgullas. The outer layer is seasoned with poppy seeds making it even tastier.

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naap naang

This absolutely lip-smacking sweet dish is from Nagaland. This exotic dish is a black rice pudding made with black rice, milk, sugar, and water. This sweet dish could also be commonly found in Thailand where milk is replaced with coconut milk. This rice dish is made with no butter and oil and thus is a must-try for health freaks.


Patoleo is a unique and steamed sweet made by spreading rice paste over a turmeric leaf. This Goan sweet dish has a stuffing with Goan coconut jaggery, powdered cinnamon, and freshly grated coconut. This sweet dish is often cooked during monsoon and is also known for its health benefits.

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purnam burelu

Purnam burelu or Poornalu are sweet dumplings made during Ganesh Chaturthi, Sankranti and Dusshera in the Andhra region of the country. These are small balls made of Chana Dal and Jaggery dipped into the batter of dosa and deep fried into ghee till golden brown. Purnam burelu is also offered to deities at temples.

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This traditional dessert from Chhattisgarh is cooked during Holi and Diwali. Dehroris are a type of dumplings made up of rice and curd and deep fried in ghee. Then, soaked into sugar syrup, Dehroris are topped with dry fruits. Typically consumed with a glass of buttermilk, Dehrori is best known to balance the body temperature in summers.

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Bebinca is a layered cake in which each layer is cooked separately. It might not be easy to make this sweet dish but when you will taste it, you will find it worth your time. This traditional Goan dish is often served with ice cream and is just mouth-watering.

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India is quite synonymous with sweets, right? Different cultures offer sweets of different textures, colors, sizes, tastes and richness. These are just a handful of them and if you consider yourself an absolute sweet tooth, you must taste these dishes once in your life.

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