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Friends join forces for new Amigos Taqueria in Stow

When Gustavo Munoz and Alejandro Enriquez started working together nine years ago at El Tren Grill, they bonded over their love for their Mexican culture and homemade food of their homeland, whose recipes had been passed down to them by their families.

Munoz, 46, owned the Tallmadge restaurant El Tren Grill at the time, and Enriquez was a promising new cook there. The two became good friends, and six years ago, they started talking about opening a taqueria together.

Now, they’re proud co-owners of Amigos Taqueria in Stow, which opened May 12 and focuses on the authentic dishes of their hometowns. That includes recipes perfected by Munoz’s parents, who owned a taqueria in Aguas Calientes, Mexico, for many years.

Munoz’s family moved to Pittsburgh in 1998 and Munoz, who is a Strongsville resident, moved to Northeast Ohio in 2013. Enriquez, 37, who originally hails from Veracruz, Mexico, moved to Wisconsin in 2007 and to the Akron area in 2013. He lives in Stow.

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