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Flavorchem reveals seasonings inspired by global cuisine trends

29 Jul 2022 — In response to the growing popularity of international flavors and ingredients, Flavorchem has developed “Global Flavor Fest,” a collection of six signature seasonings inspired by cuisines from around the world.

The collection features the flavors of Mexican Elote, Classic Guacamole, Korean Gochujang, Sichuan Style Kung Pao, Mild Indian Curry and Madras Hot Curry.

“The larger trend toward international cuisine is driven by the increasingly adventurous tastes of Gen-Z and Millennials along with the broadening demand for evoking adventure through food,” details the flavor house.

“Globally influenced dishes are driving menu and retail innovation as consumers embrace culinary exploration, transportive flavors and new food experiences.”

Traveling through taste buds
Consumers seeking to experiment with new flavors and cuisines are turning to international flavors that satisfy their appetite for adventure.

The new seasoning collection includes the flavor of Mexican Elote.Global Flavor Fest’s signature seasonings can be optimized for “most any food application.”

According to Innova Market Insights, 75% of global consumers want to discover new flavors as brands experiment with culturally inspired flavors to create authentic taste experiences.

“Brands that focus on pairing emerging, yet less common, flavors and ingredients with familiar flavors are in great shape to make taste trials more approachable,” highlights Flavorchem.

Global cuisines represent a vast assortment of cultural flavors and influences as regional variations continue to be spotlighted in innovative new food and drink launches. On-trend tastes from Latin America, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe were on full display at the recent IFT FIRST Annual Event and Expo, held in Chicago.

At the event, recipes ranging from the sweet desserts of the Balkans region to the sweltering kitchens of Southeast Asia provided a colorful backdrop to flavor innovation.

According to Flavorchem-cited data, three-quarters of surveyed US consumers enjoy hot and spicy foods to some degree as brands are bringing the heat with an emergence of international fiery chili varieties.

Meanwhile, 65% of US consumers say prepared meals are a great way to try new flavors from around the world as many seek out internationally inspired dishes to elevate the home-centric eating occasion.

flavor highlights
Among other recent flavor R&D developments this year, Sokol Custom Food Ingredients unveiled a savory product line of Anchovy Products, which delivers the meaty and savory taste of umami. The move comes at a time when sodium reduction targets are in the spotlight globally and consumers are eating more mindfully.

Last month, Sweet Victory launched a flavorful botanical ingredient in a gum format that is marketed as “crave-stifling” and works within two minutes by blocking sugar receptors on the tongue.

Elsewhere, flavor giant Givaudan and Manus Bio, a bio manufacturer of natural products, unveiled BioNootkatone, an ingredient pegged to make waves in the citrus flavors space. According to the companies, BioNootkatone answers the market demand for environmentally sustainable, natural, clean label citrus flavor.

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