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Alamance Co. Meals on Wheels donates fans to seniors to combat heat waves

As a result of recent heat waves in the community, many senior citizens have faced challenges going outside. Among these citizens is Bonnie Steiskal, a senior citizen who currently lives in Graham, suffering from lymphedema, and psoriatic arthritis, among other after-effects of radiation from skin cancer.

One of the seniors in Alamance County who received a fan from Alamance Co. Meals on Wheels (2022).

Due to previously having various forms of skin cancers, Steiskal burns more easily and “has to be extremely careful” when going outside. “I think as you get older, the heat becomes a bigger problem, and so you have to be a little more careful,” she added.

According to Commissioner Pamela Thompson, many seniors have been struggling throughout the season due to having to choose between certain necessities such as air conditioning, medication, and sometimes food. Thompson added that the heat can be especially dangerous to citizens suffering from COPD, asthma, or other lung-related disorders.

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