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31 New Year’s Eve Appetizers


Everyone loves a good New Year’s Eve party, but no one likes feeling pecky while partying.

Whether you’re hosting a bigger bash or keeping things cozy until midnight, keeping fun, festive nibbles around is paramount to a good celebration. To ensure friends, family and loved ones have something to munch on before (and perhaps even after) dinner, here are some of our favorite festive appetizers — from delicate bites to heartier finger foods.

Zach Schiffman / TODAY


A can of chipotles in adobo is your secret weapon for making these three-ingredient chipotle-shrimp skewers. They’re perfect for a party appetizer when you don’t want to labor too long over something filling to serve during cocktail hour.

Shrimp Toast with Winter Salad

Kelly Fagan

Deep-fried shrimp toasts are one of those dishes that appear like they took hours to make but they’re really quite simple. The spread has a lively flavor with fresh ginger and garlic, topped with a snappy salad of Granny Smith apples, avocado and tart lime.

French Onion Beef Sliders


These sliders are a hearty twist on a classic French onion soup. And they’re perfect for filling up hungry party guests.

Easy Tuxedo Brie Cheese Bites

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Give guests an hors d’oeuvres that is as snazzy as they are! This adorable little hack black olives to dress up wedges of brie or Camembert for your New Year’s Eve party.

Creamy Spinach and Artichoke Dip Bites

Zach Pagano/TODAY

This is a classic dish reinvented and it’s perfect for dinner parties any time of year. Spinach and artichoke dip is baked into puff pastry, creating easy-to-assemble bites that are great for cocktail hour mingling because they’re not messy.

3-Ingredient Chorizo ​​Pigs in a Blanket

Zach Schiffman / TODAY

These sweet and spicy pastries are a unique twist on the classic pigs-in-a-blanket. The corn syrup glaze adds a sweet touch that contrasts with the spicy sausage. Serve on their own or along with your favorite mustard for dipping.

Charred Cauliflower with Garlicky Tahini and Lemon

Zach Pagano/TODAY

Slightly charring cauliflower gives it a wonderful flavor. You can make this exact recipe with so many different vegetables: Substitute the cauliflower for broccoli, Brussels sprouts, fennel and more. These sauces are so delicious, they will turn any veggie in the main attraction.

Mini Croque Monsieur

Zach Pagano/TODAY

A classic croque monsieur is a dish many people are intimidated to make, but it couldn’t be simpler. It’s basically an elevated grilled cheese — and who doesn’t love a grilled cheese? Plus, these mini versions are perfect for entertaining.

Mini Lamb Kebab Burgers

Zach Pagano/TODAY

Little lamb burgers with garlicky tahini sauce and radish-parsley salad are great crowd pleasers. Plus, this recipe is super adaptable. You can serve the kebabs on their own, with just the sauce, over roasted vegetables or in a pita.

Wisconsin Cheese and Charcuterie Board

Marla Bergh Photography

There’s a certain art to crafting a cheese board, and every year for the holidays, finding the right cheeses, meats and accoutrements is something to look forward to. For those who aren’t quite sure where to start, this recipe is a great guide. You’ll be the master of charcuterie in no time!

Ryan's Heavenly Deviled Eggs

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

This dressed-up deviled egg recipe from chef Ryan Scott — which calls for bacon and smoky paprika — will definitely be a hit for New Year’s Eve — and any other holiday, really.

3-Ingredient Whipped Lemon Ricotta Dip

Zach Schiffman / TODAY

Easily turn a container of average grocery store ricotta into a creamy and elegant whipped lemon ricotta dip to serve with crackers or crostini.

Brussels in Blankets

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

These super sprouts are so cute, they’re irresistible. The recipe can be a side dish or an appetizer, and it’s a cinch to make — only three ingredients. The best way to get a picky eater to eat their vegetables? Wrap ’em in bacon!

Ina Garten's Perfect Potato Pancakes


Potato pancakes are a favorite holiday dish of Ina Garten’s husband, Jeffrey. Her secret for the crispiest and creamiest ones is to combine both grated and mashed potatoes.

Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms

Casey Barber

These crab-stuffed mushrooms may look totally decadent, but they’re actually light and airy, which means they’re an ideal way to start a holiday celebration. And don’t be shy about making a big batch — even if they’re just for you and your loved ones.

Root Vegetable and Feta Bruschetta

Nathan R. Congleton / TODAY

The layers of flavor from this caponata are simple but powerful, while the salty bacon, capers and sweet raisins provide a nice variety of textures.

Mini Meatballs with Sweet-and-Sour BBQ Glaze

Casey Barber

Packed with a little sweetness and a lot of punch, these adorable, bite-sized meatballs are fun to serve as a finger food (though some festive toothpicks might help cut back on saucy fingers).

Curtis Stone's Steak Crostini with Arugula Pesto


Chef Curtis Stone’s appetizer is savory, rich and yet has a delicate balance of crunch and bitter arugula. They’re so tasty, don’t be surprised if they’re the first thing to go.

Phyllo & Prosciutto Asparagus Cigars

Brandon Goodwin / TODAY

Flaky, crisp phyllo dough, tender asparagus with a cheesy, salty filling — this easy-to-make appetizer will definitely be a hit at any holiday dinner.

Twice-Baked Potato Bites

Daniel Krieger / The Laws of Cooking…and How to Break Them

Who knew that the humble new potato could be turned into shell casing for a bullet of flavor? These little bombs of cheesy, buttery flavor are a great way to fuel up for the holiday season.

Martha Stewart's Kale-Ricotta Dip

Nathan R. Congleton / TODAY

Other greens work well here, too: spinach, mustard greens, Swiss chard, collards, beet greens and turnip greens each contribute their distinctive flavor, all with slightly different results.

Root Vegetable and Feta Bruschetta

Nathan R. Congleton / TODAY

The layers of flavor from the caponata are simple but great, while the salty bacon and capers and sweet raisins provide a variety of textures.

Avocado Deviled Eggs

Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

Al Roker’s daughter, Courtney, dresses up the party favorite with a delicious avocado filling in her deviled eggs. It adds a wonderful creaminess to the yolk mixture and also a festive hue against the white egg white and sprinkle of red paprika.

Giada's Grappa-Poached Pear Crostini


Crostini are the perfect thing to whip up when guests stop by. The poached pears soaked in Italian grappa are especially comforting as the weather gets cooler. They’re easy to make and always delight a crowd.

Bloody Mary Dip with Focaccia Skewers


These inventive bites turn a classic bloody mary cocktail into a delectable appetizer. They’re a refreshing departure from the usual party fare, so fun to dip and vegan-friendly, too!

The Melting Pot's Classic Alpine Cheese Fondue

Courtesy of The Melting Pot

The most popular fondue at The Melting Pot, here, aged Gruyère, raclette and fontina cheeses are blended with white wine and fresh garlic and finished with a dash of nutmeg.

Easy Jumbo Shrimp Wrapped in Pancetta and Sage

Quentin Bacon

The flavors for this dish come from traditional Roman saltimbocca: veal cutlets with sage and prosciutto. The tender prawns balance the meatiness and crispiness of the bacon, and the sage, tempered by the lemon, makes it all very fresh-tasting.

Sunny's Easy Holiday Brussels Sprout Salad

Rebekah Lowin / TODAY

Sunny Anderson’s brussels sprout salad has the big flavors of the holidays — cranberries, pecans, rosemary, nutmeg — while still being fresh and light. It’s a refreshing reprieve from all the heavy eating of the rest of the meal.

Baked Clams Oreganata

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Baked clams oreganata are a must-have for any Italian American feast but work really well in any dinner party setting because they’re delicious. Delicate, but also packed with flavor, these little jewels from the sea are great as a starter or a main attraction.

Mini Taco Salad Bowl Appetizers

Zach Schiffman / TODAY

For this great party recipe, scoop-style tortilla chips are filled with beans and all your favorite taco toppings to create ready-to-go bites. You might want to make a few platters because these are sure to go quickly.

Martha Stewart's Baked Brie with Boozy Fruit Compote

Konstantin Kopachinsky / Shutterstock

A single show-stopping cheese — a gooey baked brie — is perfect for cocktail hour. Start with store-bought puff pastry (a great timesaver!) and roll in ground pecans, which add a nutty note to this mouthwatering appetizer.


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