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16 quick ways to use it up at home

The back of the fridge is the quiet grave of any cook’s kitchen. It’s where all the veggies who didn’t get to play in the pot today go to wait for their turn that never comes.

They lie shivering in that cold, dark corner, growing more tired and sadder with every passing day. You don’t see them doing their best to perk up every time you open the fridge door. You are deaf to their pitiful voices croaking ‘pick me, pick me’. Every time you open the fridge door, their best efforts to look crisp and fetching go unnoticed and the door clangs shut again and again.

Eventually, those courageous veggies get scraped out of the fridge to a chorus of ‘yuck!” With a bit of luck, they’ll get metamorphosed in the compost bin, but most likely they’ll simply die a crowded death in some landfill on the edge of town.No plague to mark their passing.No one to visit their mass grave.

Okay, enough, you get the idea. Those vegetables deserve so much better. Even if you didn’t raise them yourself, someone did. They’ve earned their time in a recipe, on a plate, in a satisfied belly.

So, instead of cleaning them up, use them up instead. And that goes for your fruit peels, too. Plus your extra bread, yoghurt, wine… whatever lurks riiiiight at the back of your refrigerator.

toss it

No, not that kind of toss, this kind. Left over fruit and veg work beautifully when tossed in a salad, as this roast veggie salad showcases beautifully.

everything loaf

Throw any left over fruits, vegetables, nuts or seeds into this tea loaf and it always works. It will take you a mere 15 minutes to rescue the lot.

jam a-peel

Even banana peels can get a second life as a caramel jam that tastes the opposite of scrappy. You’ll peel so good knowing you’re helping out the planet, too.

go bananas

If the jam doesn’t a-peel (we’re moving on from banana puns shortly, promise), then bake those peels into a cake. No mess, no waste, just banana cake.

skins alive

It’s not just banana skins that make fine caramel – apple skins also make it taste amazing. Of course, they do. When has an apple ever let us down?

pickle the lot

Picking vegetables makes them next-level delicious and even more good for you. Once you start picking you won’t be able to stop.

Puff those rinds

Note to self: never throw out a parmesan rind. Or, in fact, any hard cheese yield. There is so much flavor to be found in a yield. The fastest way to find that out is to make these parmesan rind crisps.

Bag your veg

Bagna cauda is the garlicky Italian sauce that tastes good with literally any vegetable. So reach far back into that crisper and get dipped.

Bready good

Stale bread can be magically turned into cinnamon toast-flavored ice cream, and then you can add any other leftover nuts or fruit you like.

‘Nella wasted

Leftover bread isn’t only good for dessert – it makes a fine salad too. Toasted stale bread goes remarkably well with tomato and basil.

curry on saving

Have you ever noticed that everything tastes good in a curry sauce? Next time you make a curry, toss in your carrot tops, cauli or brocc stems and celery leaves and you’ll quickly see our point.

fried everything

The curry theory works with fried rice, too. If you’ve got it, add it in and it just seems to work.

seasoning tops

Speaking of carrot tops, get a load of them into this chimichurri and you’ll never throw them away again. You can also turn them into pesto.

yoghurt bread

This recipe for yogurt flatbreads is a great way to save your yogurt from becoming a moldy mess. Just take one part yogurt and two-part self-raising flour and mix. Yup, that’s it.


Admittedly, it’s a rare event, but should you happen to have left over wine and cheese, make from age fort.

There’s always soup

When in doubt, just make soup. You can add any bendy veggie into a soup like this one or this one and it will turn into a bowl full of love.


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