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10 Things About Being An Anime Fan That No One Talks About

There are many life-altering aspects to being an anime fan; recalling life before the creation of Pokemon feels dull and grey. Life would be quite different if fans had not been brought up on Studio Ghibli films or the manga that transported them to alternate universes while sitting in a nearby bookstore.

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There are many facets of anime that go beyond the series and movies to influence lives in many ways, including nostalgia that provides comfort and lessons that last a lifetime. What consumers read, watch, and fill their time with has a significant impact on the quality of their lives. Fortunately, anime fans have chosen an infinite and expansive interest and lifestyle.

10 Emotional Connections That Feel Real

Anime wouldn’t be as popular as it is today without pulling on a few heartstrings and creating emotional attachments through relatable and admirable characters. series like Hunter x Hunter continue to maintain an active fan base after an eight-year hiatus because the characters are hard not to miss and the storyline leaves viewers wanting more.

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There are entire YouTube channels that discuss different anime universes, family lineages, and alternate endings created solely by loyal fan bases. The emotional investments that fans feel for these characters are just as real as the ones they experience in real life.

9 Anime Sets Unrealistic Expectations

anime like Fruit Basket include a number of familial ties, friendships, and intimate relationships that can be romanticized to create unrealistic expectations. Each character grows from their difficult past and blossoms into better versions of themselves. Similarly, their relationships with other previously harmful characters improve drastically.

While admirable, viewers can find this hard to apply in real life with real people. Romantic expectations are also sky-high, with characters like Tomoe from Kami Sama Kiss, a literal supernatural being, or love interests who stem from wealthy conglomerate families.

8 The Expenses Of Being An Anime Fan

Hobbies are expensive. There are an array of boutiques and storefronts dedicated to anime, manga, and related merchandise. Stores like Box Lunch and Kinokinuya are becoming increasingly popular as anime emerges into mainstream media. With a variety of merchandise to suit viewers’ tastes ranging from clothing to posters to figurines, the possibilities are endless.

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There are also worldwide anime events like Fantasy Basel held in Switzerland or California’s Fanime Con where tickets usually begin at around $100 before travel and accommodations. Fortunately, these expenses also come with the pleasure of meeting new people with similar interests. Whether it be at a Comicon event or a bookstore looking for manga, viewers can rest assured that they are not alone on their anime journey.

7 Anime Has Eternally Long Cliffhangers

While most anime fans remain loyal after multiple years-long hiatus, this does not make the time pass any faster. Every rewatch of an anime creates newer connections. Sometimes the audience fills in gaps that weren’t caught before, making its absence all the more bittersweet.

While watching an anime for the tenth time can be comforting, nothing beats the feeling of watching incredible fight scenes for the first time, like the showdowns in the Chimera Ant Arc of Hunter x Hunter. One of the hardest parts of being an anime fan may very well be the countdown for new episodes to release.

6 Anime Fans Form Wholesome Communities

Anime, like many fantasy and fictional art forms, is commonly criticized as being nerdy by those who have not had the pleasure of experiencing its significance. Fortunately, there are also just as many supporters as there are critics. Making friends through similar interests is one of the many gifts of adulthood, and the anime community is not lacking in eager friends.

Visiting a nearby bookstore or Anime Pop shop is a great way to find a fellow Komi Can’t Communicate fan to discuss the latest episode with. Fan clubs and meetup groups, both in-person and virtual, are another way to make new friends. There are even anime-focused dating apps so that finding a partner with similar interests is less daunting.

5 Anime’s Limitless Food Cravings

Everything in anime tends to look better, including the food. watching Food Wars on an empty stomach will absolutely result in food cravings. Most audience members can easily recall the bacon and eggs scene from Howl’s Moving Castle and almost smell it. Similarly, noodles never look as appetizing as they do in anime.

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Luckily, depending on the city where an anime fan resides, there are usually Japanese snacks a car ride or online order away. Anime food is also great at encouraging creativity in the kitchen, inspiring viewers to recreate recipes like omu-rice seen frequently in shojo anime like maid-sama or bento boxes that have limitless possibilities for innovation.

4 Anime Gifts Viewers Pieces Of Japanese Culture

The rise of anime in America has introduced viewers to cultural differences they may not have been exposed to otherwise. Japanese culture expressed through art forms like anime gives viewers a more open way of viewing life. This includes small habits like hot tea with dinner, leaving your shoes at the door, or sitting on traditional Japanese floor cushions rather than the typical American couch.

Some elder characters in anime often pass down profound wisdom that stems from Eastern philosophical teachings and reminds viewers to be mindful and slow down

3 Anime Is A Great Escape From The Outside World

Each anime fan more than likely has their favorite comfort anime that has helped them through difficult times. Experiencing a breakup, moving to college, or the loss of a loved one can create emotions that can be hard to put into words.

The friendships and bonds in characters like Naruto and Sasuke from Naruto or familial bonds like the Sohma members from Fruit Basket can provide consolation and solace during life’s hardships. This allows viewers to escape reality — if only for a short while — and feel like they belong in a world with such exceptional characters.

two Being An Anime Fan Comes With A Time Investment

Being an anime fan requires both time and great attention spans. one piece, for example, taps out at over 1,000 episodes and 400 hours. Many fans have even grown up with anime that have been airing for decades, such as Pokemon starting in 1997 or Doraemon in 1979.

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For loyal viewers, keeping up with their favorite anime is more than watching an episode occasionally. It includes following release dates and checking in on the latest fan fiction and Reddit posts. This is time-consuming yet worthwhile for devoted fans.

1 Life Lessons That Last Forever

The most valuable part about being an anime fan is the life lessons that come along with it. The creators of the worlds of Pokemondemons, multiple universes, and superhuman abilities share this common theme.

anime like Assassination Classroom give viewers new lessons with every episode, such as the value of independence and conversely the gifts of relying on one another. other anime like Kotaro Lives Alone portray the importance of friends and support systems in an all too lonely world, reminding fans of gratitude and hope.

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